7 poses you should`nt missed


Keep good posture. Unless your photographers tell you to be inspired by those awkward, uncomfortable looking maniquins in the Forever 21 windows, hold yourself confidently and high. You’ll look much taller and thinner if you keep your back straight and your shoulders back. Whatever size you are, hold your stomach in as well if you want to look more toned.

  • Photography that is more avant-garde may shy away from this. If you’re modeling for a photo shoot that is about shunning preconceived concepts, then by all means! Your photographer will probably want you in not-so-true-to-life poses.

Think about what you’re doing. It’s important to be aware of exactly how you’re positioning your entire body. Nonverbal communication is all you have to rely on in photos — whatever you do, you’ll be sending a message.

  • As a model you’ll need to look natural — this is where you may need to practice. A key point is to keep your arms and legs relaxed; you don’t keep them straight all the time in normal life, so don’t do it in front of the camera!

Communicate with those around you. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable as a model if you build a rapport with your photographer or director. It will make the experience a lot more enjoyable, give you the confidence to introduce your own ideas and ultimately help you with future modelling assignments.

  • In addition to making that project more enjoyable, the staff will be more apt to like you. The more they like you, the more they’ll think of your name when future projects come up. And, possibly, the more they’ll recommend you to another company.
  1. 4

    Hold an “S” shape. Unless directed by the photographer to do otherwise, when standing, put the majority of your body weight on one foot only; this will make your body make a naturally gracious “S” shape.

    • Regardless of your body shape, doing this will simulate more of an hour glass figure. Popping your hip out gives you a curve in just the right place. Think of modelling in curves and angles.
  2. 5

    Leave a space between your arms and your trunk. This will accent your waist in a good way, regardless of its size. When you can, keep your arms separate and slightly flexed.

    • If you put your hands to your sides and your feet together, you’ll feel like one of those dolls from the nutcracker — you won’t feel natural or human. Always use the space around you to create life in the image.


  1. 6

    Show the sides of the hand only. Never display the full palm or the back of the hand. This is an old photography go-to that most photographers still swear by.

    • The hands are best viewed at an angle to the camera. Care should be taken to photograph the side of the hand, which gracefully continues the line of the arm when the hand is bent upward at the wrist.
  2. 7

    Practice makes perfect. Research poses in magazines from models you’d like to emulate and practice them at home. When it comes to your next photo shoot you’ll feel a lot more confident. Also, ask for advice from the directors of previous assignments so you know what types of posture and positions make the most of your body.

    • As you get going, you’ll realize what elements of the photo the staff is trying to emphasize. Think of yourself as a machine to display the beauty of the image — you’re there to emphasize the clothes, the makeup, or the feel of the photograph. What can you do to make the picture more cohesive? Take the emphasis off yourself and think of the bigger picture, literally.



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